Reasons for a new mattress

We show you the most important factors for a mattress change.

1. Change mattress when lying down

Couch chairs are a good and important reason for a mattress change. Who always sleeps in the same position. There, it can no longer fulfill its helpful support and relaxation function. Sleep is thus much less relaxing and pleasant for the body. For this reason, mattresses should be turned regularly to avoid the formation of such reclining. Especially for mattresses with a low volume weight, these coolers occur very quickly. They are a clear indication that a change of mattress should be imminent.

2. Allergies are the reason for the new mattress

Anyone suffering from allergies should pay special attention to their own mattress. Because despite protective covers and covers mattresses are very often populated by allergens, which multiply more over time. Since mattresses cannot be effectively washed and thus liberated, it can gradually lead to an increase in allergies. At the latest, when the night’s sleep due to allergies begins to be disturbed, you should think about a mattress change.

3. Buy new mattress for backache

Back pain can have many causes. An incompatible mattress or too old mattress can often be the trigger here. The spine can not relax at night due to mattress wear and must continue to be supported by the musculature. So this can not recover either. The pain is not relieved by the nights, but very often even intensified.

4. Hygiene reasons for a new mattress

Man sweats and that too at night and plenty. Even if the mattress is still functional, the hygiene of the mattress nevertheless plays an important role. Because the mattress absorbs sweat at night and dissipates it. That such a thing does not happen without traces, is beyond question. For reasons of hygiene alone, a regular change of mattress is recommended in any case.

How often should I change the mattress?

The life of a mattress also depends on its quality; changing the mattress after eight years. Many well-known manufacturers also give a guarantee on their mattresses of up to 10 years. Cheap mattresses with a low volume weight, however, can make a mattress change necessary earlier. In such a case, experts recommend a changeover after five to eight years. The only exception is mattresses with a non-washable cover. Looking for mattress sales, do not miss to visit our site.